Beco Mint Scented Poop Bags

Beco Mint Scented Poop Bags

BecoBags make cleaning up after your pet as eco friendly as possible. Unlike many other dog poop bags, Beco bags are degradable and will break down after you dispose of them. Plus, these bags are mint-scented to reduce unpleasant dog waste odours. All of our rolls also have a recycled cardboard core and fit perfectly in our BecoPocket Dog Poop Bag Dispensers.

BecoBags are manufactured with a degradable additive. This additive allows them to be recycled along with other standard bags, but most importantly they are also degradable. Tested to various international standards, including ATSM D6954, BecoBags will degrade within 1 year, depending on where they are disposed. To achieve fast degradation please ensure your bags are disposed of correctly, where they will have access to warm temperatures and oxygen. Disposing of BecoBags into general waste for landfill will mean that the bag will take longer to degrade.

- Degrades in 90-120 days

- Extra thick and extra long: 33cm x 22.5cm

- Natural and earthy look

- Heavy duty bear sized bags

- Mint scented